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Kids Choice Christian Daycare: where the children come first.

Kids Choice Christian Daycare (KCCD) is a Christ-centered childcare facility that has been in operation for over 20 years. Located in the heart of Lawrence, KS, KCCD offers a commitment to your child’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Affordable, Low and Competitive Rates

  2. Innovative Services and Programs

  3. Age Appropriate Childhood Education

  4. Recreational and Educational Field Trips

  5. To and From School Pick Up

  6. After School Childcare

  7. Nutritional Meals and Snacks

  8. Outdoor Play Area

  9. SRS Family Friendly

We strongly emphasize early childhood education for children not yet enrolled in school and take the extra steps necessary to enrich the learning experience for children enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade! 




(785) 842-2088



3434 Tillerman Drive

Lawrence, KS 66049



M-F 7:00am – 5:30pm

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The KCCD program strives to present age-appropriate curriculum catered to your child’s individual needs.  As an implementer of the “High-Reach Learning Program”, KCCD believes that children learn best through actively engaging with people and things in their environment. Children are involved in hands-on experiences, real-life adventures, and assisted discovery as they explore concepts through play. 

A Christian emphasis is at the center of our teaching, which we believe provides your child with basic moral concepts.  At KCCD, we sing Christian songs, say prayers, and refer to Bible passages.  We believe that the height to which a child will soar into the future is greatly determined by the foundation on which his formative years are built.



At this age infants require a clean, safe and nurturing environment. They need attention, are eager to communicate, and are aware of the world around them. It is important to meet their needs by: providing continuous physical interaction, providing floor time for motor skills, outdoor play, and more.



At this stage toddlers explore the environment around them and grow in their physical abilities. Curious toddlers need a safe environment with plenty of space to explore and make discoveries. We provide the right furniture, toys, and most importantly supervision for a safe and fun experience.



At this age children have achieved important verbal and nonverbal communication milestones. They are able to communicate well and engage with the world around them. They understand their own unique identity and value their individuality. We provide the support and tools these young children need to learn and grow.



At this age confidence and self-esteem plays a major role in preparing for children for all they will face in their elementary schools. By now they have reached significant social and emotional development. The emphasis at this stage is on academic, cognitive and intellectual areas of development.




“I feel very fortunate to have had my children at such a quality daycare.  My kids would come home with book work nearly every day and learned a lot past children their age.  Ms. Christie and her staff go out of their way to involve the parents in group functions with the children; for example, KCCD holds an annual Christmas Party for all families, as well as picnics and field trips in the summer.  I attribute this to the employees and Ms. Christie’s guidance.”


KCCD is a wonderful environment for children of all ages. Ms. Christie provides a well organized and safe environment. She is dedicated to the well-being of your child/children. You can feel secure leaving your child in her care with no worries or concern. She is an outstanding teacher and care taker. You can honestly feel and see that she takes care of your child as her own. My family absolutely LOVES her and would rather our child be no other place. Child safety, health, spirituality, respect and happiness are priorities at KCCD. We recommend KCCD to all forms of parenting! 


“KCCD has provided outstanding quality daycare for my three children over the past six years.  KCCD is a nurturing, safe, loving childcare facility for the children who are lucky enough to be in its care.  My children’s safety, welfare, and quality of care is extremely important to me.  I would never leave them in the care of someone that I did not trust completely.  I am so thankful to have Ms. Christie and the KCCD staff caring for my children!" 




About Us

At KCCD, our teachers have a positive, friendly, up-beat attitude when it comes to teaching your children. Each staff member is trained in the latest childcare techniques that maximizes your child’s learning ability. Through the staff’s love and guidance, the KCCD children learn in an environment that enables them to develop their self-esteem, practice self discipline, and interact with other children daily.

Our Director

Ms. Christie has been the director and a primary caregiver of Kid’s Choice Christian Daycare for over 20 years.  Ms.Christie welcomes every child as part of the KCCD family. In her words, "Family is not just about blood ties, it’s about caregivers, the hand holders, the listeners and the tear driers.  Family is about loving unconditionally, is a place where the door is always open and where the light in the window shines bright and steadfast." Ms. Christie believes each child should feel like a loved and valued member of the KCCD family!

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